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I keep seeing images of flowers and plants within the APN (Animals, Plants & Nature) category, that actually belong in Still Life, and vice versa.
What is the difference you may wonder? Well, let's find out! :)

Gallery Info

Photography > Still Life > Cut Flower and Plant Arrangements
:pointr: Photographs taken with a film or a digital camera featuring a minimal amount of colour and exposure adjustment. Still life showcases studio-style photography that features inanimate objects. Arrangements of cut flowers and plants displayed for the purpose of being photographed.

Photography > Animals, Plants & Nature > Flowers & Plants
:pointr: Photographs taken with a film or a digital camera featuring a minimal amount of colour and exposure adjustment. Photographs of animals, plants and nature including wild life, insects, domesticated animals, landscapes, flowers and plants. Photographs featuring plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms and so on.

The main difference is that APN shots are taken in nature, flowers and plants are in their natural habitat, be it a forest, a field or your mom's garden bed.
While still life shots may also be taken outside, in most cases these pictures are taken inside, at times even in a studio. Flowers and plants are being arranged before taking the picture. This can include flowers in a vase, laying on the ground, etc.


Photography > Still Life > Cut Flower and Plant Arrangements
Flowers spleen by MarieMagenta I Heart You by InLightImagery :thumb183997976:
Apart by worthyG Flower by raeid essai 11 petale de lys - c by edredon
- No Title 19 - by KARRR Breathing by Nilofaar Lever de rideau by EvasionK
Still Life. 0105 by AlexEdg love.......... by mophan Nature morte by julie-rc

Photography > Animals, Plants & Nature > Flowers & Plants
:thumb185679195: Field work by fb101 G l i t t e r by arslansinan
Sleeping with ghosts by iTaylie on a summers day by Atreja Love II by foart
Avenious by DorotejaC Fog. by DafoeofLenin Confuse Me. by Blutr0t
snow. by BlueFish24 Elegance by hakukamizaki 473 by kat4nka

:pointr: To sum up, if you pluck flowers or buy cut flowers, place them somewhere and take a picture, this should go in the Still Life gallery.
If you leave the flower where it belongs (on a plant, meadow, field, etc) and take a picture, this should go in the APN gallery.

:heart: & :peace:

Photo Editing Tips and Tricks

Thu Nov 4, 2010, 9:39 AM
:bulletpink: PHOTOSHOP: RESIZING Generally, I would always resize a picture before uploading it online. I usually go with 600px on the longest side of the image. That way it's big enough to see (most) details, but it's small enough to be really used in any way without losing a trememdous amount of quality.
In Photoshop, go to "Image" > "Image Size..." > choose a new width and height. At the bottom of the window you will find "Resample Image" - from the dropdown menu choose "Bilinear".

:bulletpink: *PHOTOSHOP: VINTAGE SOFTNESS On top of your background layer, add a new layer and fill it with a nice dark navy color (e.g. #060A3D). Set this layer to "Exclusion".

:bulletpink: *PHOTOSHOP: QUICK CONTRAST Duplicate your background layer. Set the top layer to "Soft Light" or "Hard Light" - whichever looks better.

:bulletpink: PHOTOSHOP: BLACK&WHITE CONVERSION At the bottom of the Layers window you will find a little button that looks like a yin-yang sign with a tiny little arrow next to it. Click that and select "Channel Mixer...". In the pop-up, tick the Monochrome box. Then change the Red slider to 0% and the Green slider to 100%. This will give you the best and most natural looking black&white look true to the original colors of the image.

:bulletpink: PHOTOSHOP: SHARPENING Duplicate your background layer. Go to "Filter" > "Other" > "High Pass...". Choose a radius between around 4 and 10. Click OK. Then set this layer to either "Overlay" or "Soft Light".

Tips with a * should work for other programs as well.

More to come! Please share your own tips and tricks (no matter how simple or difficult) in a comment or note. I will add them and eventually post a giant huge article :D Please also mention the program you use.

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Eager to learn

Wed Jul 7, 2010, 6:48 AM
I continuously find myself eager to learn new photography stuff. I love searching for photography related tutorials on dA, and I love to share some of my tricks as well.
Being a huge fan of JeanFan's work, I stumbled upon her AMAZING website with tutorial's, how to's, etc yesterday - please look for yourself: JFotography-Tutorials. So many things to try, so much to learn :love:

Are there any websites you have learned from you can highly recommend? If so, please list them in a comment - I will be forever greatful :aww:

Lastly, I few tutorials posted by our fellow deviants:

Shaped Bokeh Tutorial by BlackCarrionRose BTS controling shadows, colors by TE2YA Tutorial 1: Composition by onixa Tutorial 2: Post-Processing P1 by onixa


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Photography, just like every other medium, heavily relies on colors. Colors can define a picture's mood, setting and overall appeal.
In this article I would like to show how colors can be used to intensify a subject and/or create that certain 'oomph' people long for when creating art.

It is important to understand that each color may connote a certain emotion. That, of course, depends on culture as well as people's own experiences.
In Western culture, white suggest weddings and purity, while in China it is the color of mourning. In the West, green is a symbol of fertility and sexuality, while for Muslims it is sacred. In Japan, green is the symbol of the emperor.
In most cultures, red is a symbol of danger, because it represents fire or potentially poisonous food. However, in China, red is also a sign of good luck. And we all know that it also represents love and lust.

Different combinations of colors can have a psychological effect on people. Some color schemes seem harmonious, while others do not go together at all and can cause a jarring, unappealing or even shocking effect.
Some of our reactions to colors are learned behaviours and others are psychological responses.

:bulletred:Red:bulletred: is the color of fire and blood, it is therefore associated with danger, war, power, but also with love, desire and passion.
:bulletorange:Orange:bulletorange: is usually associated with happiness, as it reminds people of sunshine, joy and energy. It also reminds people of the tropics and citrus fruits, which are associated with healthy food and vitamins. Dark orange can, like red, connote feelings of passion and desire, but also aggression and anger.
:bulletyellow:Yellow:bulletyellow: is the ultimate color of sunshine and joy, it has a warming effect. The combination of black and yellow is easy for the eyes to see and the human brain would react to it faster than to any other combination (e.g. black and green).
:bulletgreen:Green:bulletgreen: is the color of nature. It symbolizes harmony, freshness, fertility and growth and appears to be the most calming color of all. Green also connotes hope and good luck.
:bulletblue:Blue:bulletblue: is the color of the water and the sky. It has a calming effect on people and symbolizes stability, wisdom, confidence, truth and heaven. Blue is usually thought to be a masculine color.
:bulletwhite:White:bulletwhite: generally has positive connotations. It is associated with purity, cleanliness, goodness, innocence, safety and virginity. White is associated with hospitals, doctors and sterility, and is used to suggest safety.
:bulletblack:Black:bulletblack: on the other hand has a rather negative connotation. It is associated with death, evil, fear and mystery. It is the symbol of grief.

Depending on the subject you want to photograph and the idea you have in mind, you can treat color as a variable subject to your imagination.
You may choose to let your subject blend in with its surroundings, you may want it to stand out. Maybe you want to create a certain mood in your picture.
Let's see what basic options we have.

Complimentary Colors

"Complementary colors are pairs of colors that are of “opposite” hue in some color model.(...)
Because of the limited range of colors that was available throughout most of the history of art, many artists still use a traditional set of complementary pairs, including:
    :bulletblue: white and black
    :bulletblue: red and green
    :bulletblue: blue and orange
    :bulletblue: yellow and violet" (Taken from:…)

The Smell Of Your Garden by venicequeenf Electric Blue by ScorpionEntity yellow by Mizoka Calm Compliment by Monkeyslunch

Focus on one color / monochrome pictures

"Monochrome is a term generally used to describe painting, drawing, design, or photograph in one color or shades of one color." (Taken from:…)

Paint it red by ScorpionEntity blue by mR-StIck Something Yellow by snader

Black or white as backgrounds

Black and white as backgrounds can be used to really make your subject stand out. This is especially helpful in still life or conceptual photographs.

strawberry heart shape by dkraner Together II by Jules1983 Eggplant by londonxpress Thank you by caithness155 Broken Bottle by sharadhaksar

I have intentionally left out pastels as well as sepia and black&white. The latter two can only be achieved in camera or via post-processing, while in this article I wanted to focus on what you can influence BEFORE taking a picture.
deviantART 101 - Part One
1. Getting Started
    2. Linking on deviantART
    3. Thumbnails
    4. Subscriptions

deviantART 101 - Part Two
5. Getting Involved

6. Daily Deviations

You may have heard about Daily Deviations, heard the term DD, seen a Daily Deviation badge on a certain deviation. You may have even received one yourself. However, there's still too many people on deviantART who do not know. It's time to shed some light on this feature.

What is a Daily Deviation?

:bulletblue: FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
"The Daily Deviation is a daily feature chosen from the galleries here on deviantART.

A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

The staff/volunteer members responsible for selecting submissions for the daily feature often are open to suggestions and individual community members may direct their attention by noting the appropriate gallery moderator or staff member with a direct link to the deviation which you are suggesting and a brief description about why you think the work in question should be featured."

:bulletblue: You can find all Daily Deviations on this page.

Who selects Daily Deviations?

:bulletblue: FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
"The Daily Deviation is a daily staff feature chosen from the galleries here on deviantART.

The selecting administrator may be a Volunteer Gallery Moderator or other staff/volunteer member who has been granted the necessary access to the special selection tools. (...)

It is important to note that selections need not be of professional quality in order to be featured for the day.

Individual staff/volunteers may show different levels of activity which may lead to certain genres or types of artwork to be chosen more often than others. If you believe that a certain type of artwork is being overlooked or under-represented please feel free to offer suggestions by noting or emailing the appropriate staff/volunteer member listed (...)."

:bulletblue: For a list of all Gallery Moderators please look here.

Who can suggest Daily Deviations?

I suggest DDs. Do you? by archaemic :thumb53399550: I suggest Daily Deviations by NewYorkKid618 Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld

The answer is simple. Every single deviant. It doesn't matter if you are subscribed or unsubscribed, it doesn't matter if you have been on dA for 5 years or only just joined 5 minutes ago. Staff, seniors, regular deviants - everyone has the opportunity to suggest Daily Deviations.

How can I suggest a Daily Deviation?

To speak in the words of the great Davenit: "Just find a creation you like and copy the thumb link in the description. Go to and find the gallery moderator for the gallery it's in and drop them a note with the link to the image. You can include a short paragraph about why you chose that image. Title your note "DD Suggestion"."

Alternatively, there's the following script (if you use Firefox that is) which makes suggesting DDs SUPER EASY and FUN! :nod:

Need more tutorials on how to suggest a DD?
Quick Tutorial - Suggest a DD by mauricioestrella Suggesting DDs For Dummies by ThiefoworldDD? Tutorial by Rus-Club A Guide to Daily Deviations by baKIN

Check your attitude

Let the Artists Have Their Day by savagebinn :thumb129470475: DA Stamp - DD Whining 02 by tppgraphics

So you've visited the Daily Deviation page and you don't like what you see? Too much nudity? Too much violence? Too much fanart? A certain picture doesn't deserve to be featured because *insert random reason*?

First of all, take a deep breathe.
I would like to kindly ask you to NEVER go to a featured deviation and leave a comment telling the featured deviant how much they or their artwork sucks or how they do not deserve to be featured. - "But but but I don't like the deviation, Jules! :noes:" I don't care and here is why!
:pointr: In 99.999% of the cases the deviant in question did NOT ask to be featured. They only wanted to share their art with others.
:pointr: Let me remind you, a Daily Deviation is nothing but a feature. It's not an award, it does not make you a better person, it doesn't even make you a better artist. It's something for people to enjoy, something to put a smile on the featured person's face, something to put a smile on other people's faces. Why would you wanna ruin that?
:pointr: So there's a deviation that you feel doesn't deserve a DD? I bet there will be at least one deviation that you feel DOES deserve the feature. Concentrate on the good stuff, go leave a comment congratulating the person, tell them how their work made you feel. Ignore the negativity, seriously. I know the world is cruel, why make it any worse?

If you feel you MUST voice your opinion, do it with class. Note the Gally Moderator who featured the piece. Explain your concerns, but DO IT WITH CLASS. Do not tell them how stupid they are. Maybe include a suggestion from the gallery they overlook, something YOU find DD-worthy.

:bulletblue: FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

With this being said, I would like to end the third part of deviantART 101. This is, by far, not a definite guide and it is subject to change. I hope some of you might find this helpful though. Feel free to let new deviants know about this, and also let me know what else should be covered.

:peace:, :heart: and stay deviant!
deviantART 101 - Part One included:
1. Getting Started
2. Linking on deviantART
3. Thumbnails
4. Subscriptions

5. Getting Involved

deviantART describes itself as a "community of artists and those devoted to art". So this is more than just a website where you can upload your art, it is a COMMUNITY, a place where millions of people hang out, support and inspire one another and enjoy each other's art. Becoming a part of this community can be very hard at first, but let's find out how you can get involved.

a) Comments

Every artist loves a good comment. That doesn't necessarily mean that you should go and tell everyone how fabulous they and their art are, but a good comment can also include constructive criticism. You should always consider how you word things. If you must critisize a deviation (always read the artist's comment first, maybe they are not looking for a critique!), do it with class. Be respectful, friendly, and try and help them get better.
As already mentioned in the first article, know your art. Know other people's art as well. If you have never heard of Pixel Art, don't knock someone's art and tell them how pixelly the edges look. ;)
A great comment however will put a huge smile on the deviant's face, and you will surely leave a great impression on them!

What I have heard many times around deviantART, is "comment to get comments". And it does indeed work that way. Comment on art, comment on profiles, ask questions, don't hold back. You've seen someone do something incredibly awesome in one of their deviations and you have no idea how they achieved that? ASK THEM! In most cases people will be more than happy to let you know. It will help you grow as an artist as well as a member of the community.
Be careful though, you don't want to be considered a spammer. There's no point in posting 500 comments in less than 10 minutes (slightly exaggerating, but you get what I'm saying!). Quality over quantity!

PS: Replies might be just as important!

Deviant Guide: Good Comments by bringbackart Deviant Guide: Good Responses by bringbackart

A list of important FAQs regarding comments:
:bulletblue: FAQ #661: How do I post a comment?
:bulletblue: FAQ #41: What do the "Parent", "Top" and "Reply" links under comments mean?
:bulletblue: FAQ #160: Can I remove or delete comments on my userpage, journal or deviations?
:bulletblue: FAQ #31: I am unable to post comments or send notes because the site informed me I was spamming. What is going on?

b) Faving / Collecting Deviations

This is much like with comments. "Fave to receive faves". Wait a second, do you even know what I am talking about?!

Ok, to the left of every deviation you have a couple of buttons including "Add to Favourites" as well as "Collect". Should you find a deviation that you really like, you can add it to your favourites or collect it to a specific favourites folder. Your Collections reside on your Favourites page. Once you have favourited some deviations, you can begin organizing them into collections! You can find the Collect button on every page, which lets you drag and drop art right to your collections, from anywhere on deviantART.

Your best bet is to browse the galleries, find a deviation that you like, try both buttons and you will see what they do! :)

:bulletblue: FAQ #59: How do I add and delete Favourites?
:bulletblue: FAQ #11: Is there a way to see which deviants have added my deviation submission to their favourites?
:bulletblue: FAQ #6: What is the Collections Feature and how do I use it?

Don't be too disapointed if you don't get a lot of comments and faves initially, as this will come with time as you start making links in the deviantART network. Don't be afraid to ask for help, advice and criticism!

c) Adding Someone to Your Watchlist

Should you come across a deviant's gallery which you really like, you might want to see them growing as an artist and be informed when they post a new deviation, journal, etc. In that case, hop on over to the person's profile page and click the "+devwatch" button. You will then be redirected to your friends list, where you can decide whether you would like to be notified when they post a deviation, journal, news article, critique or a scrap. You can also add them to your friends list.
Should you at some point find that you are no longer interested in following an artist, you can always remove them from your watchlist.

:bulletblue: FAQ #26: What is the watch and how do I manage my watch listing?
:bulletblue: FAQ #68: Can I remove someone who is watching me?
:bulletblue: FAQ #19: If I remove someone from my watch, will they be notified?
:bulletblue: FAQ #666: Will my watchers be notified of my deviation and scrap submission edits?

d) deviantART Messaging Network - dAmn

(huge thanks to shuttermonkey for writing this part! :heart:)

The deviantART Message Network or dAmn can be divided into two main groups:

The Forums:
When you access the forum page you will see a list of Forums divided into Categories, Number of Topics and Posts within those forums and the most recent topic within each forum. Once you have found a Topic that fits what you are looking for you can click its name and a new page will open. This page will show a list of the most recent Threads, who they were started by and the last person to comment on the threads.
For more information on how to navigate and the rules that pertain to the forums you can have a look at Forums for Dummies tutorial by Little-Vampire and
:bulletblue: FAQ #801: Are there any rules for the Forums?
:bulletblue: FAQ #708: I found a forum thread that I believe violates policies, where can I go to report it?
:bulletblue: FAQ #506: Does DeviantArt allow sexual discussions in comments, chatrooms or the forums?

The Chats:
When you access the chat page you will see a list of chatrooms divided into Featured and All Chatrooms. There are rooms for almost every subject matter all you need to do is scroll through the list or use the search bar Located beneath the Featured Chatrooms.
For more information regarding the Chat Network you can have a look at #dAmn Tips'n'Tricks [#1], #dAmn Tips'n'Tricks [#2] and #dAmn Tips'n'Tricks [#3].
You can also review the rules regarding dAmn:
:bulletblue: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?
:bulletblue: FAQ #506: Does DeviantArt allow sexual discussions in comments, chatrooms or the forums?
:bulletblue: :faq83:

PS: People with a @ in front of their username, as for example shuttermonkey, will gladly answer your dAmn-related questions and help you wherever they can. Don't be afraid to ask them!

e) Get to Know Your Community

Most artists specialize in a certain field, like photography, digital paintings or Flash animations. It is therefore nice to receive comments and criticism from those who know your field. First of all you can browse the gallery(ies) you post to by clicking the huge deviantART button at the top of your page. On the left you will find all categories listed - click the one which seems to cover your area of interest.
You should now find artwork similar to yours. Again, comment, fave, watch.

Now scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will find an area that reads "see also ..... Forum". Again, you can easily interact with people there. You can help answer other deviant's questions, post your own topics and get to know others.

Most galleries have a so-called Gallery Moderator (I, by the way, am currently the Gallery Moderator of the vexel gallery :wave:). Now how would you find that person when there's sooooo many people out there?
Simply click here and find your person. Watch them! Why? Because that way you will be informed of gallery-specific contests, news, features, etc. These people will help you when you have a question, so go introduce yourself!
:bulletblue: :faq82:
:bulletblue: FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

With this being said, I would like to end the second part of deviantART 101. This is, by far, not a definite guide and it is subject to change. I hope some of you might find this helpful though. Feel free to let new deviants know about this, and also let me know what else should be covered. I currently have a list of what I want to explain in part three but I am always open for suggestions! :)

:peace:, :heart: and stay deviant!
So you've decided to join the biggest online art community - now what? It's all a bit big around here, right? Quite a lot of people, and even more deviations! Well, let's try and make this experience as awesome as possible!

1. Getting Started

First of all, you probably want people who come to your page to actually stay on your page and browse your gallery. So it's best to let them know a bit about you and present yourself as an active user. You can easily do this by uploading an avatar, setting up user page, editing your Devious Info, etc.
To find out more, watch the following awesome video
or read the following Frequently Asked Questions:
:bulletblue: FAQ #662: How do I create an Avatar, to display on my User Page and next to my Comments?
:bulletblue: FAQ #90: How do I customize my profile page?
:bulletblue: FAQ #4: Which options can I control under the Edit Settings page?

Now when you start uploading your art, you might be just a little overwhelmed by the amount of galleries and subgalleries. Just to give you an idea, the photography gallery alone consists of 16 subgalleries and another 64 subcategories! So it is important that you KNOW your art!
Check these easy to understand tutorials on how to submit to the correct gallery:
Submit to the Right Gallery by joannastar :thumb111017399:
or read these FAQs:
:bulletblue: FAQ #79: How do I submit art?
:bulletblue: FAQ #816: How do I upload a collection of images or files, such as brushes, wallpapers or other?
:bulletblue: FAQ #78: Where do I submit to if I'm not sure?
:bulletblue: FAQ #208: Can I suggest new submission categories to be added?

2. Linking on deviantART

When commenting, replying to comments or sending notes to other deviants, you might sometimes want to link to another deviant. You can easily do this by typing ":devusername:" which will come out looking username.
Furthermore you can display people's avatars by typing ":iconusername:" which is going to the user's avatar like this: :iconusername: - both the icon as well as the username will create a direct link to the deviant's userpage.

As you can see, there is indeed a user with ther username "username" :lol: Also, you can see there is a * in front of his/her name. Is there a reason for this?
YES, there is! FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?

By the way, you can also link to...
:bulletyellow: FAQs, by typing ":faqxxx:",
:bulletyellow: chatrooms, by typing ":#nameofchatroom:"

A quick summary of how to link - FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

3. Thumbnails

This section would actually go in "Linking on deviantART", however thumbnails are a bit special. They serve as small preview pictures that also link to the actual deviation. The so-called thumb code can be found underneath every deviation and looks like this: ":thumbxxxxx:" (instead of the x's you would find a series of numbers).

Thumbnails can be posted in...
:bulletyellow: notes: no more than 5 though. Should you add more thumb codes to a note, the first 5 will show as actual thumbs, the rest will display the code.
:bulletyellow: news articles: Currently there is no limit on how many thumbs can be posted in articles. However, browsing can be incredibly annoying when you come across an article with 100 or more thumbs because: the more thumbs, the longer the site will take to load. I can only imagine how annoying this must be for someone who does not have a highspeed internet connection.
Also most articles with a lot of thumbs serve as a feature, which I will discuss a bit more in depth later. To me, it makes more sense to feature 20 awesome deviations, instead of 200. It is simply impossible to give the same amount of attention to so many deviations.
:bulletyellow: chatrooms and the forums: Thumbnails can be posted in chatrooms where the owner of the chatroom has enabled that priviledge.
There are two forums available where you may post thumbnails of your deviations and one forum where you can post thumbnails of your prints - the  Deviation Thumbshare forum, the subscriber-only Subscribers Thumbshare forum, and the Prints Thumbshare forum.
:bulletyellow: journals: Oh but wait! Sadly, you need to be a subscriber in order to post thumbs.
:bulletyellow: user polls: again, this is a subscriber only feature!

A quick recap:
:bulletblue: FAQ #511: How do I post thumbnails of my art on the Chat Network or Forums?
:bulletblue: FAQ #63: What sort of things can I use for Preview images?

4. Subscriptions

Before you read on I would like to add that subscriptions aren't a necessity in order to enjoy deviantART, and I support both subscribers as well as non-subscribers. No one forces you to buy anything or pay for services you don't want or need. :) I would still like to quickly explain what subscriptions offer you and how you can become a subscriber!

Let's take a quick look at the benefits of becoming a subscriber: Experience All deviantART Has to Offer With Premium Access. Again, whether you need these 'extras' or not is absolutely up to you!

So should you decide you DO want to be a subscriber, how are you gonna go about it?
You have three methods of payment to choose from: Credit Card, PayPal and deviantDOLLARS. To find out more, read the following FAQs:
:bulletblue: FAQ #28: What are the benefits of becoming a Core Member?
:bulletblue: FAQ #531: What is an Official DeviantArt Beta Tester? How do I become one?
:bulletblue: FAQ #824: What is the difference between a Prepaid Core Membership Package and a Billing one?
:bulletblue: FAQ #148: What methods of payment are accepted for purchasing DeviantArt Core Membership Packages?

But this is not the only way you can receive a subscription!
deviantART admins as well as regular members constantly hold contests offering subscriptions, features and many other things as contest prizes! Considering the size of this website, it should be pretty hard to find out about contests right?
Well not at all! karemelancholia, a wonderfully helpful deviant, submits monthly newsletters listing most (if not all) ongoing contests - take a look here: Contests Around dA! Monthly NewsLetter! Feel free to add her to your watchlist by clicking the "+deviantWATCH" button on her page, and you shall always be up to date about contests!

With this being said, I would like to end the first part of deviantART 101. This is, by far, not a definite guide and it is subject to change. I hope some of you might find this helpful though. Feel free to let new deviants know about this, and also let me know what else should be covered. I currently have a list of what I want to explain in part two but I am always open for suggestions! :)

:peace:, :heart: and stay deviant!

:bulletblue: deviantART 101 - Part Two

Messy October

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This is a mess.

Something is terribly wrong with my internet connection, it is working right now and it better stay up or else I'm gonna kill someone. :aww:
Ok, just a little warning should I not be around, it's my messy connection. :bucktooth:

It's October!

Yays for October. A few important dates for myself:
26th - my sister's birthday
29th - final day of my thesis
31st - my birthday :D


Everyone go check VAngelLJ's journal about fundraising and help them out, if you can.

All you really have to do it buy this lovely mug: :aww:


And last but not least, a little musical recommendation: ENJOY! :D

Autumn Features

:thumb99528794: hanging by EatMyNose Drifting IV by wroth my favourite ... by KariLiimatainen Politically Correct. by myxxbeloved Ready to Fall by zvaella Something Yellow by snader Autumn Leaves... by MichiLauke AUTUMN. by YuriBonder Autumn is coming by WindyLife Autumn Colors by vdaly :thumb98236977:

My Autumn

Metamorphosis by Jules1983 Brown Sugar by Jules1983




Suggest a DD stamp by Thiefoworld :thumb60398770: CR - spankingly new by UnicornReality


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First of all, a warm welcome to the new mn@'s Xerces, FixMeKnow, nokari martypunker and paellamagi! :wave: Give them some love!

Deviant's Appreciation Day 2008

Officially launching at 10am PST on Wednesday 17th September, and just like last year -- we'll be doing the majority of events on dAmn in the following rooms:

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The first 17 people to comment will get three thumbnails of my choice featured. The catch is, you must then post a journal and wait for 17 more people to comment (so you can feature them) as well as feature three thumbnails of my work! Ready set go!

lolly started this and I got tagged by insaneone

So here's three of teh Bobbeh's works:

Mirror of Beauty by insaneone this little light by insaneone dragonflower by insaneone

1. Tepara
dont leave me by Tepara Yummy Yummy by Tepara Sitting Pretty by Tepara

2. dandelgrosso (feck Daniele, this was damn hard... such an awesome gallery!)
Dandelion by dandelgrosso Serene by dandelgrosso

3. Eloren
All that glitters is gold by Eloren

4. ironmanbr
Wasting the Beauty by ironmanbr Pollen by ironmanbr Droplet by ironmanbr

5. kezbabybabe
:thumb68340465: Chinese Butterfly Cross-stitch by kezbabybabe AOAClub - Present for Mynti by kezbabybabe

6. Kyuthi
Colors of the Sun by Kyuthi T r e a s u r e by Kyuthi S e a s i d e by Kyuthi

7. FixMeKnow
tonight and every night by FixMeKnow jump, juke and jive by FixMeKnow

8. allym007
Golden Treasures by allym007 Night Stroll by allym007 Eye in the sky by allym007

9. LineBirgitte
Evening wear by LineBirgitte Nanna Jo by LineBirgitte

10. Ikue
frangipani by Ikue 70's Vibe by Ikue Hers by Ikue

11. esistrot
burnt leaves fallen by esistrot they say - Picadilly by esistrot Autumn Rolls by esistrot

12. Mirabel
Jessyta by Mirabel Cherrylips by Mirabel Dzieki by Mirabel

13. shebid
Dissolve and Decay by shebid Hikari by shebid Sterling by shebid

14. elisiabattell
Ice Cold by elisiabattell Sunset SlaughterMake me feel like the best that I can be.
Punctuate these words with each piano key.
I saw the sun set, stayed a while, felt like I'd walked a mile.
But it was worth it just to see the reflection of what I wish was me.
I'm content just being here, not a doubt, and not a fear.
It's not worth my time to hang on to you. I just with I could go home soon.
It's the cards you deal that were already dealt, the way we laughed and the way I felt.
The sun is exploding, but the shows over now. Take a second to breathe, and a second to bow.
Laugh because you're so contagious. Smile because it's so outrageous.
Wait for the stars to let you fall apart, start again from the start.
"I love you, i love you. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
I've never heard a more different story.
Because this is bliss, one last kiss-
Before I push you back into the water, a courageous slaughter.
Spin on your fin, turn again, this goes to show that I never win.
Every sunset, every flame, every fire, it's all the same.
I'll be righ
RainbowLet's be the brightest rainbow, the most sincere love letter,
The sun rising over the ocean, the only thing better.
We'll conquer everyone. Waking up in the afternoon in the sunlight, falling asleep when the crickets have gone to bed. Smiles kissing under stars, florescent against the dull grays and blacks.
Yeah, we'll be the best damn thing that ever happened to the world. And we're almost there, we're almost there. Breathing in the familiar, the dreams, the fantasies, the finally, finally, finally.
I'll put you in an envelope and send you all around this big empty world. Emptiness that lingers in the most crowded places. You'll brighten up it all.
An eerie melody, so low, drowned out by the loud. The music, the beautiful.
We'll drown them out. For a second they'll be wonderful. For a second they'll be privileged.
No one can even compare. No one comes close.
There's no room for sadness when life is this short. There's no room for moping, or crying, or mourning.
There's only roo

15. straightfromcamera
Radiohead: Talk show host.. by straightfromcamera NERD: Pharrell can fly.. by straightfromcamera :thumb83206083:

16. kaotickell
005 Seeking Solace by kaotickell Untitled by kaotickell 08 Cheers For 08 Years by kaotickell

17. aeon-100
See the invisible by aeon-100 Summer time by aeon-100 Lost inside myself by aeon-100



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Life and Lol

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 13, 2008, 2:13 PM
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Ultra - Say It Once
  • Reading: MSN convos
  • Eating: M&amp;M's
  • Drinking: peach juice

Hey Lovelies!!

Thought I post a short journal with a quick update and.. yeah.
The thesis is going well, I'm not sick anymore, I'm just watching "Finding Nemo" and am being a biiiig kid today :)

That also included dressing up... So YES, I'm a toadstool, too.

I'm A Toadstool, Too. by Jules1983 :giggle:

Oh and it was my 6 month GD anniversary this Wednesday! :O Scary... time flies. Go me!

Hope all of you gorgeous people are doing good!

A Lol.

<...> You're the only one who gets me.
<...> The only one.
<Jules> it's sad isnt it? maybe that other chick would get us too... i dont know... i dread her... she stole him away from us....
<...> Somehow I don't think she would get us as much.. She cries when he beats her. She cries.
<...> If you loved ****, you'd be screaming "Oh ****, more pain!"
<...> Where's the love?
<Jules> :-O god... she makes me sick to my stomach. i didnt even know that... wow she's pathetic...
<...> **** was the only man in our lives..
<...> But she has a husband.
<Jules> he'll always be the only one. the one.
<...> I feel you. Even though he's not still whipping us, tying us up and burning us
<Jules> man i really miss him
<Jules> my life is so empty now without the pain
<...> Same ;
<...> Some people prefer orgasms, but pain is way better.. WAY BETTER
<Jules> you know how some people want to fuck the pain away... with him it was the other way round

*had to encrypt a name. A few people will know who this is about :lol:

:noes: :faint: the people I talk to...
No names shall be named. You know who you are. ;P


:thumb97836007: Yarmouth by puzzled2007 summer cools down by SailorOfTheSky :thumb97837884: In the Fog by WojciechDziadosz Blue building by athanasiaa :thumb81846588: Shadow by Serendipiti :thumb86973905: Iron drop. by Jiskah

Mature Content

un by Violator3

Self Promotion

Spellbound by Jules1983



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A birthday and a LOL... and new CSS!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 5, 2008, 3:39 AM
  • Mood: Approval
  • Listening to: Bloc Party - Flux
  • Reading: journals
  • Eating: ......... hungry.

A birthday.

Everyone go say Happy Birthday to Aypeus - it's his birthday today :cuddle:

A Lol.

<...> i dont really know who take that is :P
<Jules> british boy band from the 90s :D
<...> yeah, in the 90's i was really into hard rock and classic cock
<...> rock*
<...> :$
<Jules> nice typo
<Jules> :P

No names shall be named. You know who you are. ;P


:thumb93401184: :thumb77767164: dont leave me by Tepara splash1 by BenoitPaille beauty on a cloudy day by insaneone I've been flying ever since by iNeedChemicalX Cloud cover by asianrabbit Two Hearts by allym007 We're heart-shaped by douapuncteics Zebra by NicolasEvariste Hey Jupiter by sevgihan :thumb94222338:

Self Promotion

Starbeams by Jules1983



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Back to Business

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2008, 4:27 AM
  • Mood: Sweet
  • Listening to: Kate Nash - Mouthwash
  • Watching: F1
  • Eating: chocolate cake
  • Drinking: peach tea

Alright enough of the fun and games. Let's get back to some serious business already!
As if... :giggle:

So what's new in the world of Julesie?

:pointr: Well, the EURO is over, BUT there's still F1 :P (I'm just watching the warm-up!)

:pointr: dandelgrosso made me create an account on Facebook, so feel free to add me :aww:…

:pointr: talking about dandelgrosso - it's his birthday on July 8th (this coming Tuesday) so PLEASE go wish him a happy birthday on that day.

:pointr: talking of birthdays... the loveliness that is jussta has her's on July 11th (next Friday) so, again - show her some love on her big day. :aww:

:pointr: I feel like vexelling and I'm currently working on a photomanip which I REALLY want to finish, BUT I don't have a mouse. :( I gave it to a friend last week and she hasn't returned it since. Stupid whore. :lol: I kid.

:pointr: I'm just munching on chocolate cake. :chew: and drinking peach tea yum yum!

:pointr: to all you people wondering why there are soooo many miscats in the galleries... read this article please:… - we're not being lazy, we're just trying to find a way of including YOU in the process of keeping the galleries clean so bear with us :)

And with that being said, let me feature those awesome entries: :heart:

See-Feel-Taste Contest Entries

Citrus look by Pando1 Eye Lemonee Featheree by friki-dayz See Feel Taste Citrus by Katrons :thumb88748851: Lemon Eye by naughty-cat-lover Through a Bird's Eye by nidhi-rathish Zebras have more fun by jussta :thumb88167403: The weirdest day by jussta Lemonade by raynaliz

Featured Artist//kaotickell

002 Love by kaotickell 005 Seeking Solace by kaotickell

For a list of all Gallery Directors, please go here.

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:( [edit: and a little fun...]

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 29, 2008, 2:55 PM
  • Mood: Unhappy
  • Listening to: Bloc Party - Two More Years

"In two more years, my sweetheart, we will see another view
Such longing for the past for such completion [...]
They say: "be brave, there's a right way and a wrong way"
This pain won't last for ever, this pain won't last for ever

Two more years, there's only two more years
Two more years, there's only two more years
Two more years so hold on"

2010 here we come :)
Congrats to Spain, you did great!

PS: Sorry, Znow! I swear this is the last footy related journal you'll see from me. For a while at least ;)

For the fun part:
So! Comment on this journal and I will...

A) Tell you why I friended you

B) Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a color, a photo, etc.

C) Tell you something I like about you

D) Tell you a memory I have of you

E) Ask something I've always wanted to
know about you

F) Tell you my favorite pic of yours

G) In return, you must post this in your

Featured Artist//00seven

Old School by 00seven Write the Words Across the Sky by 00seven

For a list of all Gallery Directors, please go here.

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Insert title here :P

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 5, 2008, 3:49 AM
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Wino - Love Is A Losing Game
  • Watching: UEFA press conference
  • Drinking: wild cherries ice tea

First contest entry :)

:w00t:Lemonade by raynaliz:w00t:
I can't wait to see more!

Vexel & Vector Chat

This Saturday, ChewedKandi will be hosting a vexel and vector related chat in :#vectorgasm:. Ikue and I (and :devlemontea too I'm sure) will be attending and I hope to see many of you around. It'll be all about educating people, giving good critique and maybe vexelling/vectoring together. :)


Oh yes, the European Championship is only a few days away and I'm soooo excited! GERMANY ALLLLLLL THE WAY :D I've already got my little plastic flag on my desk!
Who are you rooting for? Do you even care about it at all... especially those of you who are not from Europe?

Germany & football related features :P
germany by Yoshimitsu-EH Germany by Fox82 Germany Stamp by l8 FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 by 5uRt football by br3w0k old football... by brikon WM 2006 by krummipictures

Featured Artist//00seven

Memory by 00seven Bathe by 00seven

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6 Days!!!

Journal Entry: Mon May 26, 2008, 1:24 AM
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Eva Cassidy - You've Changed
  • Drinking: apple juice

Recent DD's</u>
No5 by mari-angel
Aaliyah by fabulosity
blue diamond by thevilution
Just another by Uniquedee
Untouched by nniels
Just another by Uniquedee
Tears of INK... by TheBezzie
Frisky Summer by sushi-boy
Seafood is Overrated by potterpuppet
prendre ta douleur by theartoftreason
Woman of Dark Desires by Rockfield
Love Heals by monicarpediem

OMG! 6 days till the contest...
I am uber-mega-hyper-
super-duper-excited! :D

What's new in Julesie-land? Not all that much, I'm busy with my final thesis (or at least pretending to be busy) so I've been a little quiet around here. I will post a special Features article later today so look out for that.

I would like to remind you of the Themed Vexels: Food! So far I've only received 4 deviations, there HAS to be more out there! Keep them coming please!

Also I would like a bit more diversity in Daily Deviations. Women are gorgeous, agreed, but meh... I don't want the community to think that's all we ever vexel.

Talking about the community. COMMUNITY CHOICE - YOU are the community!!! Send me a note which includes a vexel (not one of your own) and a few sentences why you think it is special and should be in the spotlight. It doesn't matter when the vexel was posted or if it has been given a DD. If you think it's great, let me know. Subject of the notes: Community Choice.

A few entertaining links for you all to check out:

Featured Artist//Mirabel

Cherrylips by Mirabel Technolust: by Mirabel

For a list of all Gallery Directors, please go here.

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It's Friday... [edit for people]

Journal Entry: Sat May 17, 2008, 3:30 AM
  • Mood: Sunny Mood
  • Watching: Girlfriends
  • Playing: hide &amp; seek
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: hot chocolate

Recent DD's</u>
Untouched by nniels
Just another by Uniquedee
Tears of INK... by TheBezzie
Frisky Summer by sushi-boy
Seafood is Overrated by potterpuppet
prendre ta douleur by theartoftreason
Woman of Dark Desires by Rockfield
Love Heals by monicarpediem
BMW 335i Vexel by PORSCHER
My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo

[edit]So has been closed. :( Even though I've been rather unactive there lately, I know a lot of people are pretty sad the site is no longer, so I'd like to ask you people from to come join me in here just so we can stay in contact and/or talk. Spread the word, I'd like you all still around.[/edit]

Hi lovelies,

was about time for a journal update, I've been rather quiet this week. As some of you know, I have my sister's kitty over so he's been keeping me busy. Cute little fur ball :aww: he's even lazier than me!

Anyways, I need more DD suggestion from you. I also need you all to report your butts of, miscats are annoying and I like a clean gallery ;)

A few GD's have been posting Community Choice articles. It's basically your chance to feature vexels.. kind of like small DDs if you ask me. Here's an example for you to see:…
I was wondering if my fellow vexel and non-vexel people would be interested in me posting one of those with your features. So let me know if you like the idea and we'll figure something out!

ChewedKandi would like to hold a vector/vexel themed night in dAmn - great idea if you ask me. Please read all about it here:…

Only 16 days left till my first Vexel Contest... are you excited yet? :D I'm so looking forward to it!

Tattoo A Wonder Woman Contest - You all need to check this article (especially you, Jussta, you'd be perfect for it ;)), you'll be given the chance to design a tattoo for our wonderful Moonbeam13 and her lover boy. :aww:

Featured Artist//Mirabel

Moonblossom '07 by Mirabel Superjussta by Mirabel

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The end of an era. :(

Journal Entry: Fri May 9, 2008, 5:51 PM
  • Mood: Suggestive
  • Listening to: Aimee Mann - Wise Up
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: peach juice

Recent DD's</u>
Seafood is Overrated by potterpuppet
prendre ta douleur by theartoftreason
Woman of Dark Desires by Rockfield
Love Heals by monicarpediem
BMW 335i Vexel by PORSCHER
My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo

So... it just had to happen eventually. We had six great years together. Been through thick and thin, good and bad. :(
Yes, in two weeks time I will be selling my car. It was due for its MOT this month, so I got it checked to see if anything needed to be fixed. Apparently I'd have to pay about €600. But my car is ooooold. Really old. And it's not that safe. So I had to make a decision... it has to go. I'll miss it! :cries:

On a much happier note, I'll have my sister's cat over next week. Well I'm gonna go get him on Sunday so that shall be fun. :D Little tiger looooooves me! :kitty:

What else has been going on with me? Well I'm still working at the gallery which is still great fun! The weather here is soooo wonderful at the moment, it was so warm today :) Went to Ikea with my sister and am just munching on cookies. Just a bit of useless info for you, am I boring you already?! :P

I believe I wanted to tell you something else, but bare with me, it's 2:47am haha have a great weekend everyone!

Featured Artist//Mirabel

Moonblossom '07 by Mirabel Superjussta by Mirabel

For a list of all Gallery Directors, please go here.

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Things I'll never say

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 29, 2008, 12:30 PM
  • Mood: Spring Fever
  • Listening to: NERD - Lap Dance
  • Drinking: Cherry Ice Tea

Recent DD's</u>
Woman of Dark Desires by Rockfield
Love Heals by monicarpediem
BMW 335i Vexel by PORSCHER
My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo
colorful Parrots by iamgraphik
She Shall Not by Ryannzha

Stolen from... I don't remember. It was some other GD. :hmm: Bare with me and my lousy brain.

Basically, what you do is post things directed at people that you don't dare to say, get to say, etc. Just don't mention their name, no matter if they're real life people or people you know online.

So here is my list, in no special order. Not that you would know anyway, as this is anonymous :giggle:

1. I haven’t spoken to you in almost 2 years. To be perfectly honest, there was not one second I felt bad about it. I am better without you. People keep asking about you, asking where you are when they see me. I usually just shrug and say we have nothing to do with each other anymore. I would guess they’re asking you the same thing. I’m not bitter. I don’t hate you. I’m just glad you’re out of my life.

2. You fucked me up, I hit rock bottom when I was with you, you tore my heart into pieces, but I loved you. Until this very day you know how to make me smile. We will always have our own little world, our own little secrets, our own little jokes. Even if just in memory. I still think about you every day but I’m good. I think it’s safe to say I’m over you. :)

3. You… never have I met anyone as twisted, scheming, and manipulative as you. You make me sick to my stomach. You should be ashamed of yourself and grow the fuck up. Stop playing your nasty little games. Then again, you must be very very sad. Very sad and alone, too. I wish I did feel sorry for you. But the truth is you could die tomorrow and I would smile.

4. If I could I’d ask you a million questions. But I can’t. I can ask but you will never answer and so I’ll have to figure things out myself. I still look up to you and that’ll never change. You will always be like a big sister to me.

5. You are such a wonderful person. You are so much better than you know, so much nicer, smarter, and lovelier. I truly hope that you will find all the happiness in the world, you deserve all that and more for you are truly special. Thank you for always making me smile. Thank you for talking to me no matter how good or bad you feel.

6. I never got to know you. I will never have the chance to get to know you. But you must’ve been wonderful. He used to tell me you would’ve loved me. He used to speak so much about you, and I’m sure he still does. It was tearing him apart and there was nothing I could do. Nothing in the world will ever replace you. I hope you watch over him and the rest of your lovely fam.

7.“Bitch, please.” That’s what I would have said to you a few years ago.
“I can relate to your pain” is what I would’ve said over a year ago.
“I hope you’re doing good” is what I’d say now.

8. I love being with you. You are awesome and I appreciate each and every one of you. I can just never say no to you, and that’s a good thing. You make me smile, no back stabbing, no bitching, no fighting. I would stay here for the rest of my life if you stayed with me. I just hope we will still be talking in 20 years. And maybe I get to travel the world and visit you all :D

9. The last time I’ve seen you, we were 10. I need to see you again some day. I need to know what happened to you. And I think you’re gay now. :)

10. You sometimes make me shake my head in disbelief. Then a second later you make me laugh so much. I can be silly and childish around you, yet we sometimes manage to act like grown-ups. I wish we would talk more often. I truly love you and, even though I would do things differently if I was you, I’m so proud of you.

11. I appreciate every single second we get to spend together and I hope there are a lot more to come. I wanna spend time with you, just me and you, no one else. I know I’m sometimes giving you a hard time. I know things are not easy. It’s coz I’m scared and coz you’re making me nervous. But I want to believe.

Featured Artist//MizzieMoo

My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo What's Become Of My Ship? by MizzieMoo

For a list of all Gallery Directors, please go here.

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I'm Naked

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 26, 2008, 9:42 AM
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Fedde le Grand - Let Me Think About It
  • Eating: gnocchi with tomatos
  • Drinking: Volvic Rooibos tea with grapefruit

Recent DD's</u>
Woman of Dark Desires by Rockfield
Love Heals by monicarpediem
BMW 335i Vexel by PORSCHER
My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo
colorful Parrots by iamgraphik
She Shall Not by Ryannzha

What? That made you come here? You pervs!
Anyways, I thought it was time for a features journal. Haven't posted one in months.
But before you start drag-and-dropping, please take the time to visit this link:… - a very interesting journal posted by dandelgrosso about creating a devaintART magazine. Pretty good idea, if you ask me!

About Photomanipulations

I know this is not my terrain, but there seems to be a bit of confusion. I've had quite a few people suggest moving a deviation to the photomanip gallery (miscats). Please read this:

  • Did you know that Photomanipulations are works consisting of two or more photos merged together to create something altogether different than the original images?
  • Did you know that texture on a stock photo puts your deviation in Digital Art > Miscellaneous, while texture on a photo taken by yourself puts your work in Photography > Digital Darkroom?
  • Did You Know that running a photo (stock or not) through various filters, so called 'artistic filters' places your deviation in Digital Art > Miscellaneous?

Report your butt off! + Pimps

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2008, 11:23 AM
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: Robyn - Handle Me
  • Reading: Zadie Smith - &quot;On Beauty&quot;
  • Watching: MTV
  • Eating: fried tomatoes and eggs
  • Drinking: peach juice

Recent DD's</u>
My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo
colorful Parrots by iamgraphik
She Shall Not by Ryannzha


Did you see those fancy new "Report Deviation" buttons? No?
Well go to a deviation (not one of your own) and keep your eyes open for a triangle with a "!" in it. THAT's the report button.
Now... here's step two. Click it! :D See that? Yeah? Like it? ME TOO! Reporting is fun now!


In other news...

I can't believe I'm actually learning how to code. I swear.. all those html tags.. it's crazy.
It's finally Friday. :) I need to eat and sleep more.. but I'm trying. I'm trying.
The next couple of weeks are going to be rather hectic for me. Was at uni this week in order to sign up for my final thesis for my MA degree... and what can I say? I will be spending the next 6 months writing, reading and learning about "The Role of Religion in American Education". Kill me now please, will you?! :XD:

Alright then, have a wonderful weekend, everyone :)

PS: keep those DD suggestions and themed vexels coming!

Featured Artist//MizzieMoo

My Suicidal Heart. by MizzieMoo What's Become Of My Ship? by MizzieMoo

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